How to choose indoor lighting correctly?



Since the invention of the electric light, there is a sun outdoors and a small sun indoors. With the development of technology, the "little sun" in our home is becoming more and more exquisite. The light source is as exquisite as before, and now we need to pursue more Pursue the beauty of light and the decorativeness of the lamp body.


living room


First of all, square and round ceiling lamps are the most common in the living room. As our daily leisure and hospitality space, we need lamps with higher brightness. Ceiling lamps are more suitable, and they will be more convenient to install. They are suitable for living rooms. This kind of large space use, with some auxiliary lights, the living room will appear bright and light-like layers (the auxiliary lights need to be warm light).


Bedroom The bedroom is the second main body of a family, and it is also the place where we sleep and rest. Generally, circular ceiling lights are used to adjust to warm light, and during the day to warm white light. The main reason why the circular ceiling lamp is used is that it is relatively small and has a small lighting range. It is suitable for use in a relatively small space and avoids unnecessary waste. The bathroom is the same as the bedroom. It is suitable for a circular ceiling lamp with warm light. Taking selfies and looking in the mirror in front of the mirror will look better. I believe everyone has experienced the madness of looking in the mirror under strong light, and the heart screams. A thousand times: "This is not me, this is not me!"




I personally think that the use of ceiling lights in the kitchen is not as good as the use of downlights. The ceiling lights in the kitchen are a bit weird. You can use brighter downlights. The dining table in the kitchen can use chandeliers.