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Look garden lamps and lighting development characteristics of Japan five times

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  Intricate carvings form into simple lines! This is the ancient Japanese lighting fixture simple to turn the ancient Chinese. Whether it is lighting appearance, texture or light use, the Japanese and Chinese lamps lighting design has a "similar" place. At the same time, Japanese-style courtyard housing lighting design is also accompanied by the development history of the formation of its own characteristics and form.
  First, the origin of Japanese history and culture
  According to the geological survey, about 12,000 years ago, the Japanese archipelago's northernmost Hokkaido and Sakhalin together, while Sakhalin and Siberia but also are linked; north south Kyushu is connected to the mainland and East Asia. Thus, in the history, more than once between the Japanese archipelago and East Asia continent bridge connection. According to historical records "Three Kingdoms Wei Zhi" was first recorded in Japan's history. AD 57, the Japanese ambassador to the ancient king sent envoys to China, Han Kuang Tai rebate Day gift to make, and given a "king Wonu India." Wang Yin 20th century unearthed in Japan, which the Japanese vassal state of China who proved. So Japan either lighting or some other aspect of culture and China's lighting and the same nature and culture is not surprising.
  Second, the development of Japanese garden of residential lighting and its impact on the times
  1) The first lighting source development culture
  Early Japanese is the most representative lighting paper lanterns, paper lanterns are subject to ancient Chinese culture cultural influences "Confucian" and "Zen" philosophy and cultural heritage of ancient Chinese paper lanterns, and evolved spirits in Japanese culture. In Japanese culture, the spirits do not necessarily represent the disaster, bright and good content is always Shinto philosophy, as long as the spirits will be people worship, lights of this period also reflects the Japanese lamps more respect for this culture. Paper lamp is mainly made of paper, bamboo, into cloth made of other materials. And the shape and color of paper lanterns and Chinese traditions very different. Mainly reflected in the change of the system and the amount of the body, large and small, complex and simple between.
  Japanese classical garden lighting design is influenced by Chinese Tang and Song landscape garden natural spirit, after absorbing Chinese courtyard-style self-contained system, where the inevitable and ultimately, to mention the "stone lantern." Ancient Japanese Garden is a highly condensed summary of the natural landscape extraction and refining, with particular emphasis on the application home garden stone, white sand, stone body, stone lanterns and the like. The Japanese Garden is derived from the Japanese mainland miniature landscape style, "stone lantern" is also microfilm style landscape played a role in the "stone body" shape the landscape.
  In the Japanese garden design, Japanese-style lamps (stone lantern) Lighting plays a very crucial role. But not stone lantern Japanese invention, but was brought to Japan by a Chinese mainland Buddhism. It gives the Fusion Japanese garden day and night light and views. From the lighting use, Japanese attention is not deliberately, let's layout lighting. This approach also affected the Japanese modern garden design, stone lantern in a Japanese garden lighting played a representative role. From the lighting design point of view, Japanese garden stone lanterns lighting the way instead of using entirely, but to light as a route guide, using local lighting, relying on heavy sense of the entire space, with the white sand, stone body, as well as plant and water as the incident, reflection, refraction, diffusion and scattering media, the local light distribution.
  2) After World War II the development trend of Japanese lamps
  After World War II, Japan was defeated, shortage of materials, people's lives become difficult. Therefore, when designing items, the designers began to seek ways for their local development. The period of this minimalist mainstream thought, also become the norm at the time of a design. To this end, we are constantly affecting the prevailing lighting design. This minimalist design is not just lighting design, but also in modern Japanese design heritage and continue developing.


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