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Exit lighting quality and safety demonstration area by the provincial inspection

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   Recently, Zhongshan exit lighting quality and safety demonstration area (hereinafter referred to as "demonstration area") passed the provincial export of industrial products quality and safety demonstration area acceptance, becoming the province's first exports of lighting products quality and safety demonstration area. Zhongshan export demonstration area will enhance the overall quality and safety lighting level and core competitiveness play a catalytic role to further promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of Zhongshan lighting. It is reported that, after 30 years of cultivation Zhongshan lighting development, formed a town center, covering 11 townships surrounding the three cities, the annual output value of over one hundred billion yuan in the world's largest lighting industry cluster.
    Demonstration area next year to meet the national acceptance
    In October this year, Zhongshan introduced the "Zhongshan City Construction" Chinese exports of industrial products (lighting) quality and safety demonstration zone "plan", the demonstration area is not physically industrial park concept, but a virtual concept. Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau official said, after acceptance by the province, the demonstration area will meet national acceptance next year.
    The council said the demonstration area has already identified the first batch of 47 enterprises entering the zone, mostly for the industry leading enterprises. Earlier, deputy director Wang Zhongshan Exit Inspection and Quarantine said: "The priority export volume, quality control ability of the enterprise, after these companies have been determined, and then serve as a model to guide the effect."
    Government has introduced policies to support demonstration zones supporting. Demonstration area will be the area of ​​export lighting companies in overseas exhibitors, international certification and testing, land arrangements, staff recruitment and training, research, brand building, intellectual property, marketing and other aspects of increasing support and provide preferential policies to promote regional demonstration area within business groups continue to grow and develop.
    Experience, preferential policies, or you can copy future
    It is reported that 44 countries have obtained quality and safety demonstration area title, more than 10 prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province is currently being rolled out construction quality and safety demonstration area, for example, Jiangmen motorcycle demonstration area, the demonstration area of ​​home appliances in Shunde, Chaozhou ceramics demonstration area, Zhongshan from 2012 began research plan export quality and safety demonstration area of ​​industrial construction, started earlier, down to earth to carry out construction, quality and safety demonstration area first selected the lighting industry, mystery where?
    Wang said that the state of export quality and safety demonstration area of ​​basic requirements, demonstration area to the formation of scale, therefore, the export scale and proportion and so have the basic requirements.
    Meanwhile, the lighting industry as one of the pillar industries of Zhongshan, in the current economic downturn pressure, domestic and foreign market is not an ideal situation, which is still a few years to maintain good growth momentum for the development of Zhongshan has made great contributions . Data show that the Zhongshan lighting industry accounted for 70% of domestic market sales, exports accounted for in the international market has more than 50%. Zhongshan is China's optoelectronics industry gathering place, the town is known as "China Lighting Capital", the lighting industry annual turnover of more than 1000 billion yuan, exports of hundreds of billion yuan. Therefore, the choice of lighting industry.
    On the other hand, Zhongshan lighting industry in the development process also encountered many difficulties and problems, there are also weaknesses, in particular the difficulties encountered by small and micro enterprises more and more, in terms of quality and safety control, the old problems have not been met completely overcome the dilemma of new problems have emerged. Therefore, export quality and safety demonstration area to enhance the overall quality and safety of Zhongshan exit lighting level and core competitiveness, innovation and development of Zhongshan lighting industry to find a new breakthrough. Wang said, through exploration, experience lighting export quality and safety demonstration area made preferential policies, etc., or can be copied to other industries demonstration zone next to go.
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    Substantial growth contrarian
    Southern News correspondent correspondent Chen Xiaohua He Xueyan Zhang Ting According to customs statistics, from January to October 2015, Zhongshan City, import and export decline narrowed, in Shanhaiguan promote local trade deployment beginning to bear results. Among them, the Zhongshan lamps, lighting apparatus to achieve substantial growth in exports contrarian, January-October exports totaled 7.05 billion yuan, an increase of 34.6% over last year. Shanhaiguan town to carry out targeted research, business assistance, providing policy advocacy, demonstration projects to key projects and key enterprises, tax exemptions and reductions, customs clearance and other services, home delivery policy, delivery services to enterprises. Since this year, we have visited the town and other lighting business focus townships and by the letter of 18 departments, field research, seminars 59 companies, collect all kinds of problems 105, a 100% response rate, resolution rate of 82%. total


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