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LED lighting accessories industry, technology is no longer flood threshold?

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  Reuters town OFweek semiconductor lighting Guangdong Province, in recent years has developed into LED lighting street. Industry jokingly, in the town, LED packaging components cheaper like sequins, pounds on the scales after the Taipei Railway Station two to sell, buying into playing pieces can also be found next door, the lamp envelope manufacturer. "LED has become no electronic components threshold, anyone can do LED lights."
  Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province of China has always been a lighting were, in the past in the traditional lighting times, want to sell lights, all came here vendors. Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, northwest, especially in town, crystal lamps, lamp and other types of lighting in this readily available. However, a higher threshold of traditional lighting, manufacturers must begin with Philips or Osram and other manufacturers buy a lamp in the light source, to find the lamp housing in Zhongshan City, the optical modules and other spare parts.
  But into the LED lighting era, do sell lamp lights but also greatly reduces the threshold, all thanks to the LED elements fall broken plate price. In recent years, LED packaging factory, pushing the main specifications 2835 package components, one thousand offer as long as $ 5.
  A packaging plant research director, said many vendors to town, LED packaging element is mounted buckets in the store, when buyers, like weight scales back to Taipei Railway Station to buy buttons or sequins, buying and then next door to buy power supply components, lamp shells, and finally find help fight Factory hit the lights, "All programs can be completed in the same street."
  "The light fixtures in the past, but also have a special light source plant; now become so cheap LED electronic components, there is no barriers to entry," the industry said that Taiwan or India as well as who receives standard case, will go to mainland China A whole batch of containers, processing is completed, and then brought back to the local delivery.
  Manufacturers said, the town three years ago to sell the package specification or 3014 of the world, a year and a half ago replaced all current mainstream 2835 specifications. "But put together from town out of LED lighting products, not quality requirements. Like the same diamond collage apples, dried station selling diamond, year fade, but Tiffany diamond boutiques selling apples, is more beautiful."


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